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Bummers in Seller-land: The final chapter.

photo credit: Zevotron First, a big shout-out to our three readers for hanging in there with us while we took a short sabbatical. Nothing says vacation like a little time in a mountain cabin. By the numbers, ours involved one... Continue Reading »

Since You Didn't Ask – Debt Forgiveness and Tax Relief

  Sometimes we (“we” being one-dimensional real estate agents) assume that our clients know something simply because we are on board. This week, I had conversations with two separate people during which I was... Continue Reading »

Ask the Brokers – Hey Mr. Lender, remember me?

  I’m tryin’ to buy a house here! A reader recently shared this in a comment on another post. I found his predicament worthy of a little more front-and-center discussion. I just received a “notice to perform”... Continue Reading »

What's my real estate license worth? More than a hundred bucks.

  Warning! Boring primer on the Real Estate Settlement and Procedures Act (RESPA) ensues. Refill all coffee cups before proceeding. I received this very personal and heartfelt email this week from an appraisal company. Hello... Continue Reading »

Ask the Brokers – How long does the seller have to release my deposit?

  I received this question in our Ask the Brokers inbox this week: We are the buyers and signed contract cancellation on 10/27/07 well within 17 days of contingency. The seller relisted the house on the market as active on the... Continue Reading »

Ask the Brokers – Have the San Diego fires impacted the housing market?

  I received an email earlier in the week in which someone planning a move to San Diego apologetically asked the following: I hope that this doesn’t seem callous in light of the recent events in the San Diego area, but... Continue Reading »

Ask the Brokers – Does Size Matter (When Selecting a Broker)?

  Before it is over, I may need to retitle this post, but it’s too early. So, on to the latest email I received (from Illinois, no less) in what is shaping up to be Ask the Brokers Week at the San Diego Home Blog. I have... Continue Reading »

Ask the Brokers – Two Months Late and a Funding Short

  I received this question today: I was told I had loan approval. The broker then opened escrow. Escrow should have closed 8/27/07. As of this date, I have no funding and escrow has not close. Am I entitled to receive my deposit... Continue Reading »

More of Termites – Ask the Broker

  We seem to have become Termite Central lately. This is another Ask the Broker email, received yesterday, regarding our home-ingesting friends: I am planning on selling my house but have been told I have both drywood and subterranean... Continue Reading »

Ask the Broker – Appraisal is low, buyer flees. Is there a consolation prize?

  This from an email I received this week:  My agent represents the buyer and seller. I have a contract to sell my home that is contingent on the financing from the buyer bank at 80% of the appraised value of the home. Then... Continue Reading »

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  • San Diego Castles Realty
  • 12265 Scripps Poway Parkway, Suite 115
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