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I'm Now a San Diego Native (Kind of)

Prior to launching into my “guest” post, a little background — my name’s Drew, I work for, Kris is one of my good friends, I send her Zillow SWAG packages full of wonderful t-shirts, and I am one of the 3 readers of Kris’ San Diego Home Blog.


Now that that is out of the way — my trip to NAR 09 and RE BarCamp San Diego in mid-November was my first trip to San Diego; it’s the one large city on the west coast that I hadn’t visited before. But no longer — I am now an official San Diego native! Okay, not quite, but you get the point. The 5 days I was in Southern California were full of great conversations, utterly fantastic food (particularly dinner at Seville with Jim and Lorraine – I even ate Sushi!), drinks & networking, and even a TINY bit of sightseeing. I had the pleasure of hanging out with Kris most of Sunday, my last day in San Diego prior to returning to the rainy Pacific Northwest. We had mimosas in Scripps Ranch, went to World Famous at Pacific Beach for lunch, and capped the day off with a drink at Kansas City Barbeque, the bar where Top Gun’s bar scenes were filmed. Top Gun was easily one of my favorite movies growing up; my youth was filled with numerous rainy days filled with playing with my Navy micro machines and role playing the spectacular F-14-Mig28 battle scenes (I even had a toy aircraft carrier) while watching Top Gun for the umpteenth time. I sincerely do love my latest souvenir — a Top Gun t-shirt that I’ve now officially certified as my new “jammy” shirt.


Even though I’ve visited San Diego for all of 5 days, I now “feel” like a San Diego Native! I consider Kris to be one of the best writers in the, so hopefully this post lived up to expectations — both hers and and her 3 readers — and she doesn’t banish me from ever appearing here again. Will I get to write another “guest post” here at some point in the future? I’ll let the boss answer that one for me…

Lastly, thank you again for the t-shirt!!

(Editor’s Note: Drew — Mi casa, su casa! Your posts are welcome here any time — heaven knows, I need the help. And to the other two guys, Happy Thanksgiving!)

Drew Meyers

Drew runs marketing for Virtual Results (yes, the peeps who built this amazing site you are looking at)

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  • Awesome, Drew! My blog hasn’t seen that many links in one post since, well, forever. Thanks again for suffering through a day with me touring San Diego in the Bug-mobile.

  • broke again

    You rock dude.When is zillow going to come out with a database that competes with the mls?

  • Dwip

    Hey Drew, good to hear from you. I always wondered who the other two readers were — nice to find out about half of them. And you work at a place that has had such an impact on the public’s perception of real estate. That’s cool. Maybe at some point you can describe the process zillow uses to assess prices in a relatively rapidly changing real estate environment. What impact do REOs and short sales have on zillow’s estimated price? Does shadow inventory figure in?

    The guest post is a good idea too. Maybe if all the readers pitch in and write a guest post each day, one after the other, Kris can take a vacation from the blog. Not sure how far you can go to and get back from in three days though. Maybe Jacumba?

  • Hey broke again-
    Zillow’s core focus is building the best consumer focused real estate site on the web. One key difference is Zillow is a database of all homes, not just those currently on the market. An MLS is a database of current listings whose core audience is real estate agents. Zillow does not (nor plan to) compete with local MLS’.

  • To 2 of the coolest people in the space – loved seeing this piece. And Drew, try not to cry too much about your rain – it’s a gift – really. And Kris, as your devoted third reader, we have to connect…soon. 🙂

  • Glad you were able to get out and see the sites, San Diego is such a beautiful place. I can’t imagine that much sunshine year round!

    All I saw for the six days I was at NAR was the route from my hotel to the convention hall. And really I didn’t even see that because I usually was staring at my blackberry while [trying] to walk.

    You two really are two of the greats in world.

  • Drew – Thanks for pitching in while I was selflishly at the Chargers game. It was great to finally meet you. Next time you’re in town I will lead the tour and take you to the “cool” places Kris refuses to go to. Be sure to bring your hiking boots.

  • Nice to meet you too – I’ll be sure to hang out with the cool Berg (and bring my hiking boots) next time in lovely San Diego!

  • Kris & Steve,
    It was great hanging out with you at NAR. Thanks for being such good San Diego hosts. It reminded me why San Diego is such an awesome place to live.

  • Spencer – Great to finally meet you, too, although I was a bit intimidated meeting the “CNBC Face of Zillow.” I also appreciate the lunch I got out of the deal w/ props to Jeffrey Douglass for introducing all of us to one of the best burgers in San Diego. My invitation to Drew applies to you, as well. Take care.

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