The price of staging

Spring Break 2009
Creative Commons License photo credit: Robert S. Donovan

This is a tribute to every selling client we have who has rallied, casting comfort and sanity to the wind in the name of readying for battle. They number many and, like so many elements of the staging, selling and moving process, we, the intermediaries, from our safe harbor on the outside tend to forget the toll the process takes on the insiders.

I am working out of the garage today, I can’t find my scanner, the cat has been sequestered to a room she doesn’t particularly fancy (because the man that she doesn’t particularly fancy, Steve, tends to sleep there), my toaster is in the family room, and my dog now has two attractive white enamel racing stripes. This can mean only one thing.

Chez Berg is undergoing restoration – painting, to be exact.

It’s been ten years, going on eleven, and we started loosing the touch-up battle somewhere back in 2003. Painting was long overdue. We aren’t selling, mind you. It’s just that we had been putting this little project off until our final birdie flew the coop.  Repainting the house with two resident teenagers is about as constructive as drying the dishes before you wash them, planting the seeds before you till – as constructive as Bank of America delivering the keynote address at your Efficiencies in Business symposium.

I am certain this too shall pass – that we will live through the pandemonium and eventually locate the coffee maker and the piano. We will emerge better and stronger for having faced adversity and survived. And we will be more understanding and compassionate when we tell you that a fresh coat of paint will improve your chances of a sale and increase your bottom line, because we know that you will be paying a price.

So, to all of our Real Sellers of Genius, we offer a heartfelt “thank you” for doing what needs to be done and for trusting us when we tell you that the way we live is not the way we show.  And, if you need me next week to help coordinate improvements and repairs, or if you simply need encouragement, I will be here – sympathetic, supportive, and in the garage. Because, that is when the carpet installers arrive.

Pray for us.

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