60th Carnival of Real Estate – We lost in translation



The Carnival of Real Estate is up at For Sale By Locals. The Carnival of Real Estate recognizes real estate blogging efforts each week from around the country and, this week, the world.

In order to reflect the changing demographics of real estate, carnival submissions will be accepted in English, Spanish, and Portuguese this week and winners selected by language.

This week’s English Language winner was a much-deserved Ben Cotten who wrote the very funny post-I-wish-I-had-thought-of on How to Sell a House in Over 6 Months. Somehow, the judges felt my post on Property Inspections (which took “a close second” – yippee!) belonged in the English Language category as well, although my detractors would undoubtedly disagree. Next week, I have promised to resubmit the article in Hungarian.

There were also winners in the Spanish and Portuguese categories, but I have to disagree with the judges. These posts made absolutely NO sense to me.

Next week, judging will be hosted by the Mortgage Insider blog. Submit your blog articles here.

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