A Little Piece of Americana

Stevetn.jpgYesterday (Saturday) morning I finally got out for a long overdue run. As I huffed and puffed my way up the hill away from my house, I immediately saw the sign, a small rectangle with “Garage Sale” printed on it and realized that it was the first of two very important days each year when Scripps Ranch has their semi-annual community event. Yikes!! It’s a great tradition and always one I hear about and then promptly forget. Having been in my current home for 7 years, this should be enough motivation for me to get off my butt and rally the family to clean, thin and have fun making a few bucks while I get rid of the thousands of items the girls have me saving in what used to be MY garage. 

Upon my arrival home Kris says, “Hey, tomorrow is the annual Scripps Ranch garage sale so we should clear out the girls closets and your garage.” “Wrong Kris, it’s today!” What to do?? I’m frustrated because I have missed yet another opportunity (until I hear about and promptly forget the date for the next community garage sale in October) to clean and reclaim my garage and free all of the closets in the  house of their considerable burden. At this rate, I will be parking my car in the driveway for lack of garage space.

So as not to lose momentum entirely, Kris suggests that we at least take this rare opportunity when neither of us have a Saturday work commitment to go ahead and clean out the garage. This is kind of an all day affair where we basically take everything out, sweep, vacuum and/or blow out the dust and cobwebs and then put everything back in a (hopefully) less chaotic looking form. Still all of the same crap. It’s just more aesthetic.

Fast forward to 30 minutes later and we have assorted stuff all over driveway when a nice lady walks up and asks, “How much for the bikes?” I say, “They are not for sale. We’re just cleaning the garage.” After a strange look, she starts eyeing up the many other things laying on the driveway and starts making offers on stuff to Kris. Before we know it, we have a major garge sale going with about 10 people in the driveway at any given time for the next three hours. Even Becky and Emily join in on the fun bringing some unidentifiable ancient “stuff” from their rooms.

So all was not lost. Our garage cleaning project turned into a great day of full-fleged participation in a great community tradition and we realized that we don’t really need to prepare much for the next Scripps Ranch Garage Sale (whenever it is). Truly a piece of Americana. What a great country.        

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