A lot of little problems.



… which may grow up to be full-blown posts some day. 

This is the problem…

…with having my listings submitted on my behalf.

From the company web site and on ours, this is the same home. If we agree that buyers want information, how is the buyer better served by redirecting them to a site with less information than more? And how is the seller better served in the process?

I know, I know. It is impractical to feed tens of thousands of listings while allowing a redirect to tens of thousands of different agent sites. Still, it is something that continues to trouble me, not in the “global warming” sense nor in the “Look at the price of gas!” sense, but it bugs me nonetheless.

This is the problem…

…with third-party search sites which rely on indiviual feeds (for instance Trulia, Zillow, and now Front Door) rather than IDX arrangements with the MLS providers (for instance, Redfin, Realtor.com, and even SanDiegoCastles.com).

The home I linked to above is in escrow, has been, actually, for 17 days. It is still displayed on Trulia, but at least the savvy shopper with a keen eye for the fine print will eventually find the little “pending” descriptor somewhere along the way. On Zillow, this home is shown as For Sale with 42 days on Zillow, as is another listing of ours which shows 6 days on Zillow yet was sold prior to entry in our MLS and was therefore active for approximately the one nanosecond it took me to enter the data and push the “change status” button. I find it amusing that the property description for the latter active offering says “Sold prior to MLS input.”

There is clearly still an ongoing feed problem, a problem I have been fighting since January. As I recently admitted, I have all but given up on trying to control where our listings are being displayed, how, and by whom, but I do care that they get it right. Note to Zillow: If you are going to accept feeds, please do some periodic auditing to confirm that they are indeed being regularly updated. Incorrect or inconsistent feeds compromise the integrity of the data and may eventually compromise the integrity of your site. When our latest listing goes live next week, I would like to think (as would my clients) that you will get the memo.

This is the problem…

… with trying to take advantage of people. The fourth and latest in my string of extortion letters arrived this morning.

krisberg.com was previously priced at $457, but as part of a very limited marketing test, I’ve decided to discount our inventory of domain names for just 24 hours. How big a discount? Up to $250. That’s a huge savings. But, you do have to act right away though… because this offer is only good for the next 24 hours.

I feel a Blue Light Special coming on.

This is the problem…

… with beer. As reported in the San Diego Union Tribune this week:

The more beer a scientist drinks, the less likely the scientist is to publish a paper or to have a paper cited by another researcher – a measure of a paper’s quality and importance.

And I haven’t even been drinking.

Have a great weekend!

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