A Very Catchy Title


This is an sample from the National Association of Homebuilders’ (NAHB) new campaign to promote homebuying, as reported in the Inman Blog. I like the message, and I love the title. The only problem is that “It’s Your Move” is our registered service mark in California. See the little “SM” thingy on our website banner?

Now, if you are in Idaho, have at it. It seems some Florida company who provides ancillary services to real estate agents has already snagged the national service mark for “It’s Your Move”. In California, however, we have registered the phrase. We send out almost weekly cease and desist letters to competitors in our area trying to borrow our very catchy (if I do say so myself) logo/tagline. It is not that I am a grump. It’s just that we have spent years not to mention a boatload of money developing our brand. Should this one concern me? Any agents or brokers out there, I would be interested in your opinion. Maybe we will just change our line to “There’s always something to howl about“.

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