A Vook for the holidays — Keeping it Real (estate)

(Warning: Shameless self-promotion ahead.)


What is a Vook? From Inman News:

Vooks, a creation of Inman News publisher and longtime innovator Brad Inman, combine text and video to create a multimedia package. They can be viewed via a Web-based application on a desktop computer or a mobile application if you are on the go.

Now, thanks to Brad Inman and the workaholics at Vook.com, I’ve got me one of those. In what could be my big break-out to stardom or quite possibly a career-ending move (it’s anyone’s guess, really), “Keeping it Real (estate): A Guide to Life, Happiness and the Pursuit of Property” is a collection of 14 of my 75 previously-published Inman News columns. Each is accompanied by a short video clip featuring my much older and less attractive sister. (OK — it’s me, but hair and make-up were sadly not a part of the production package. If there is ever a sequel, I assure you this tragic oversight will be addressed.)

According to Inman News, “Kris Berg is known to bring tears to Inman News readers’ eyes…”  They went on to say that these tears were of the laughter genre, but any time there is a need to qualify, one has to wonder.

In any event, it was a fun project, and I am honored they took a chance on me.

And while I am sitting back waiting for the calls from Hollywood bigwigs to pour in begging for the movie rights, here’s hoping our three readers have a wonderful holiday. We are humbled that, perhaps against your better judgment, you keep coming back to our little blog and sharing in our conversation. Without you, it would get kind of lonely around here.

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