Sunday Gover
Sunday Gover

Sunday Gover

Realtor® • CA DRE #01447745

Sunday represents both buyers and sellers throughout San Diego County. Experienced and dedicated, her attention to detail, creativity and focus on your service experience produce outstanding results. An agent for over 15 years, she has sold hundreds of homes.

  • Sunday establishes a proprietary marketing plan for each and every listing with proven results of multiple offers and sales prices over asking price.
  • When representing buyers, Sunday utilizes her years of experience helping buyers through tough markets achieve their dream of homeownership.
  • Sunday is a seasoned negotiator who works for not only the best price for your home but also strategizes to achieve the best contract terms possible.
  • Sunday was honored as a Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction agent by San Diego Magazine from 2010 to 2015 for her dedication to her clients.
  • Accomplished Buyer’s and Seller’s Agent
  • Lead Agent of Sunday Gover and Associates Realtors®
  • Top Sales and 100% Client Satisfaction with Previous Brokers 2005-2010
  • Special Military Buyer’s Certification
  • Relocation Certified
  • Member San Diego Association of Realtors®
  • Member California and National Associations of Realtors®
  • San Diego County Native
  • Scripps Ranch Resident Since 1998
  • Bachelor Degree, University of California San Diego
  • Active Community and Local School Volunteer

What My Clients Say

Billy Walsh

‟I’ve worked with Sunday on the purchase of one home and sale of two, and I wholeheartedly recommend her due to her straightforward, honest approach, exceptional knowledge and understanding of the process as well as the market, and tireless work ethic. She is a pleasure to work with – fun, honest, understanding. I can’t imagine having to work for se veral months with a realtor I didn’t like, or worse, didn’t trust. Sunday is client-focused. She actually listens to her clients and understands their needs, goals, and personalities, then tailors her approach to make the process smooth and successful for the client. When I was buying a house, I wanted to be involved with every detail, and Sunday worked very closely with me. Later, when I was selling a rental property, I didn’t have time for the details, and trusted Sunday to handle them for me. Laura Owen’s review of Sunday is spot-on. “Sunday is one of the smartest, savviest, no BS people I know anywhere.” “There is ZERO game playing with Sunday. And she doesn't tolerate game playing from the other side.” I’ve been very impressed and pleased to work with Sunday three times in the past five years and would recommend her to anyone. When it’s time for me to buy my next house, I will definitely choose Sunday again” Read More ▾

Joe Zanotelli

‟Sunday you’re awesome! Sunday took much care in the sale of our house. She has a presence of grace and ease and completed our sale in a few short months. I enjoyed my time working with Sunday. Sunday is kind and professional and very smart about how to sell a house. We were selling our house due to a divorce and I considered the idea that we may have some difficulty since our realtor would need to deal with both of us separately. Sunday was very professional and dealt confidentially with both myself and my former wife, treating us each with respect, support and kindness. Her eye for detail in both preparing our property for sale and staging it for prospective buyers was amazing. She took care to have everything in place and her effort paid off, big time! We received a top dollar offer and moved into escrow quickly. Sunday guided us every step of the way including helping us understand the value of our house, telling us when was best time to get on the market for our best opportunity, and supported us with every detail that came up during escrow. Sunday's support was amazing. THANK YOU SUNDAY, for all that you’ve done for us! I eagerly recommend you to all of my friends and family” Read More ▾

Jessica Hartung

‟Sunday is an absolute angel to work with. She had lots of great advice for me as a buyer, and was able to help me out with every step of the process - even when things went a bit bonkers, and I was getting nervous, Sunday kept me in the loop and informed. If I am ever buying or selling in the future, you can be certain I'll be coming back! She clea rly knows her stuff, and really cares about making sure her clients are well cared for” Read More ▾

Heidi Runge

‟My husband and I have known Sunday for about 10 years. We met her when we were looking at an open house she was holding for one of her clients. We immediately clicked with her and used her as our agent when we finally bought a home a few months later. She was so great of an agent, that the seller actually used her when he later purchased a home. We were first-time home buyers and very new to the process. She was very organized and patient with us. The purchase may not have gone through without her as she had to step up when the seller's agent dropped several balls. Sunday was there to ensure things went as smoothly as possible. We were on a five year plan for that home, but the market fell apart and 5 years turned into 9. We always knew we would use Sunday again when we were ready to move on from our little bungalow. We woke up one day this spring and decided to sell our home and buy a bigger home to accommodate our growing family. Sunday was key to making this happen. She knew exactly what we needed to do to sell our home quickly and for top dollar. We put in a lot of time and effort and it worked. We had multiple offers the same day our home went on the market. It sold so fast, we did not even have an open house. We needed to sell quickly as we had already put an contingent offer on another home. We accepted an offer (over asking price) about 30 hours after going on the market. We also had multiple back-up offers in the event that something fell through with our buyer. Sunday also worked magic with the seller of the home we were trying to buy. Our offer won that home in a multiple offer bidding war as well, which is almost unheard of for a contingency offer. The stars aligned for us for both homes and my husband and I both agree that would not have happened if we had used another, less savvy agent. Sunday is on top of things and will let you know exactly what you need to do to sell a home quickly and for the right price. She truly cares about her clients and works with their best interests in mind. We cannot express how much we appreciate what she did for us. We both whole-heartedly recommend Sunday” Read More ▾

Mike Anda

‟Sunday was a pleasure to work with, and is the only Realtor I'll ever use in San Diego. I was buying our first house, and Sunday was more than patient in explaining those important (and unimportant) little things. She constantly kept me updated with new listings, and when I emailed her out of the blue with a brand new listing, she dropped everythin g and met me there in under an hour. She endured the agony of a slow bank with me, making constant adjustments with the seller, and (thank God) came up with a great escrow company. Best of all, she didn't disappear after the sale - she checked back in a few times right after we moved in, and I still hear from her now and then. I really enjoy talking to Sunday, and consider her a friend. (Lame, I know, but true.” Read More ▾


‟Finding the perfect home is not an easy task. There's a lot to consider, and so many options to sift through in order to narrow the selection process. Sunday was simply wonderful to deal with, as she guided us through the maze of buying our first home. She patiently explained everything from the financing process, to the piles of paperwork that req uired our signatures, and everything in between. We never felt rushed or pressured to make a decision. She was great at allowing us to work at our own pace in finding our home. Once we knew which property suited us, Sunday was a huge help as we navigated our way through negotiating a deal. Her expertise can not be surpassed, and we wouldn't work with anyone else in the future, except Sunday. She really made what could have been a very stressful process, an enjoyable experience” Read More ▾

Laura T Owen

‟My name is Laura Owen. I'm a real person who bought a home using Sunday as my realtor in October 2009. For me, there are very few life events as emotional and fear inducing as buying a home. Though I had bought and sold three homes before meeting Sunday, my family and I were new to San Diego and didn't know the market at all. All I knew from my (extensive) independent research was that Prop 13 adds a lot to the total monthly cost of a home; there are very few historic homes in Southern California; and the market is littered with short sales. The Prop 13 thing was a big surprise. For my family, adding 1% tax to our spending limit added about $1000 to our monthly bill. That's big sticker shock to someone used to paying about $200/month in property taxes back East. The lack of historic homes was heart breaking. We'd moved from Washington, DC, where we were used to 100+ year old homes and really loved the charm and quirkiness of older homes. In our price range, there was little available. Before meeting Sunday, I was sure we'd be stuck in some cookie-cutter McMansion with no character and no discernible difference between it and the homes on the same street. Then there were the short sales. Lots and lots of short sales. We had plenty of not-so-ethical realtors promise us that they had the inside track on "expediting" short sales. After about 6 months of serious looking, we realized that an expedited short sale is an oxymoron, and anyone who tells you otherwise is lying. Then we met Sunday through a referral from USAA. I was not a big fan of realtors before meeting Sunday. Based on my previous experiences, the sole function of a realtor was to lie to you and charge 5-6% for the pleasure. The first time I spoke with her on the phone, I remember saying "When all this is over, we're going to be friends." She just had that no-nonsense, plain speaking, do-anything-for-you vibe that most people look for in their friends. When we hung up the phone (after an initial one hour conversation where I told her everything I hate about her profession and those in it), I immediately called my husband and said, "I think I found the one good realtor in the whole world." Cut to the finish, after working with Sunday for about 2 months, we ended up closing escrow on a 1925 historic California bungalow, in our price range, with Mills Act tax benefits. Everything we were looking for in a market with precious little inventory. Throughout the process, Sunday was exceedingly honest. Not even a white lie. Not even a lie on my behalf to the sellers (which my previous realtors were always so proud to tell me they'd done). At the same time, Sunday shielded me from a lot of unnecessary worry and drama that always goes along with the exchange of home ownership. She later told me that she sees her job as getting me to closing. That means protecting me from the insanity and game playing that a lot of other realtors engage in to hype the anxiety and achieve their ends. There is ZERO game playing with Sunday. And she doesn't tolerate game playing from the other side. Think of her as your Home Ownership Big Sister on the School Yard. There to protect you. Sunday is one of the smartest, savviest, no BS people I know anywhere. She could have done anything with her life and thrived, but fortunately for home buyers in San Diego, she chose realty. If you're smart and lucky enough to choose her as your agent, you can be assured that she will work her tail off on your behalf, take your dozens of anxious calls throughout the process and tell you the straight dope always. You will never meet a more ethical person in any profession, period. Sunday knows San Diego. This is her hometown and the long list of resources, allies and professionals she calls friends will only benefit you when you need a plumber, electrician, roofer, carpenter, etc for the new home you buy with her. If I seem evangelical about Sunday, it's because she's really that good. I'm not someone with the time or inclination to suffer fools and phonies. On the rare occasions when I meet someone as exceptional as Sunday, I'm not shy about sharing my praise. Believe me, there are many, many others who do not receive such glowing reviews” Read More ▾


‟Sunday is the best of the best in the real estate business. I had the pleasure of working with Sunday on two real estate transactions, first with a purchase and second with a sale. My husband and I had such a wonderful experience working with Sunday on our first transaction that any additional transactions we have, we will definitely be seeking out Sunday's expertise. I truly believe that no other agent has the vast knowledge of the business, zeal for superb customer service, and the unwaivering advocacy for clients that Sunday exudes. Sunday keeps the transaction in line and on schedule which ultimately saved us thousands of dollars. The process of buying or selling a property is overwhelming but Sunday takes on the whole process with ease and lessens the burden on her clients. You cannot go wrong with Sunday on your side” Read More ▾

Jim Todd

‟Sunday is the best! She knows her business, she acted in our best interests when we sold one of rental units in 2010. Even in today's housing market she got us our asking price and guided us through the process of selling. She kept after every thing, and steered the transaction on a straight course. She performed above and beyond my expectations.”


‟We met Kim when she partnered with Sunday Gover in 2016 to sell our first home in Poway and buy a new one in Rancho Penasquitos. Both Kim and Sunday were with us every step of the way. Both always make themselves available and provide the best insight and advice to help us make an informed decision. Buying and selling can be one of the most stressf ul and emotional things ever, but Kim and Sunday made us feel comfortable and supported the entire way. Both are knowledgeable and realistic and never lead us astray. Plus they are super awesome people with big hearts! I consider them my friends. I highly recommend both Kim and Sunday” Read More ▾

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