Altos Research continues to rock, and I don't have a thing to wear: Sunday night two-fer post.


I’ll get back to the picture in a minute, but first I think Sunday evening is as good a time as any to make your eyes glaze over. My buds at Altos Research have rolled out a new offering which they have dubbed AltosXplorer.

I have been a subscriber for awhile to Altos’ listing market trend charts which serve as useful visual snapshots of listing trends down to the Zip code level. With Xplorer, subscribers now have more historical data at their fingertips and, for the blogger or web geek (or, even, novice), they are so “clickably” easy to import.

For my maiden voyage, I chose Carmel Valley (92130) and Scripps Ranch (92131). I often refer to these as sister communities since their demographics and housing stocks are so similar. The big difference, of course, is proximity to the Big Blue Wet Thing.

Note: All statistics are for homes currently offered for sale and represent 90-day rolling averages. Since data is collected weekly, certain statistics (such as “listings absorbed”) will reflect activity over a seven day period. As a refresher, the Market Action Index reflects listing versus sale activity, and an index of more than thirty is a “seller’s market” while less is favorable to the buyer.


 Finally, I ran a chart of new listing activity (again, calculated on a weekly basis) for the two communties just to show how comparison charts are a snap with AltosXplorer.

So, wasn’t that fun?

I will mess around more with my new empowerment next week. First, I have to kick it into full commando packing mode. Tomorrow I fly to San Francisco for the bi-annual Inman Real Estate Connect conference. This is turning into a repeat performance of last year’s. Last July I wrote:

So, this morning, I am off to the Inman technology conference in San Francisco. I am off in theory, at least. I haven’t exactly packed. Packing Plan A always involves meticulously planning out wardrobes, including appropriate accessories, neatly laying out the items the night before, and then, the morning of the flight, casually arranging the military-folded articles in the suitcase. I’m going with Plan B. Within the next hour, I will be shooting every item of clothing I own out of a cannon into an undersized carry-on and hoping for the best. Pity the poor, random power cord. If it simply looks like it might fit into one end of a camera, video recorder, voice recorder, iPod, or laptop, it’s coming along for the ride. I will have enough electronics and peripherals to inspire the Port Commission to beef up staffing at the security check point, and I can all but guarantee that at least half that make the journey with me were designed to power the VCR I sold at a garage sale in 1993.

Yep, that’s me. Both the washing machine and the dryer are on Turbo setting. They are largely filled with items of clothing I have not worn since Madonna’s “Like a Virgin” tour, yet suddenly I feel the need to take these up north. I was closer to being packed and ready for this trip in 1984 than I am tonight. Every client I have every known or imagined has suddenly come out of hiding wanting to list or buy or appeal their property taxes, and every agent in San Diego County (agents presumably not trying to pair shoes and slacks, much less power cords with parent devices) has decided that today is the day their clients will make an offer on one of our seller’s homes.

This is all great, make no mistake, and very manageable (see Power Cord discussion above), yet I am living in a cauldren of multi-tasking mania. One daughter thinks she is going off to college in three weeks, and this involves not only wardrobe mobilization and dorm accessorizing foresight, but the uncanny ability to set up her college checking account at a bank least likely to fail by Thanksgiving break. Another just got her driver’s license, and I am feeling the social responsibility to post her departure times in the event that others in Scripps Ranch might be considering an outing that would coincide.

So, in times of multi-tasking, overload crisis I do what any sane adult would do. I decide that today is the day to add Facebook friends. You see, I am on a panel at Inman entitled “Get Social or Die.” I woke up with three Facebook friends, and I am proud to say that, between two offers, one listing appointment and numerous phone calls,  I now have eight. Granted, their median age is fifteen, but it’s a start. OK, I’m dead.

So, Inman may have missed on this one, but at least they had the foresight to include me in another panel, “Creating Content that Hooks Readers.” Don’t worry; they aren’t allowing me to actually speak on this topic; I am only a moderator.

As for the thumbnail photo, that is a shot my Price Is Right-winning daughter snapped on the plane on our way to New Orleans. And, it captures the essence of how I travel. I will arrive in San Francisco fully briefed on the comings and goings of the Hollywood A-list, but with one shoe, a black blazer and brown skirt, and three earrings (among which, a pair can not be found), and absolutely no preconceived notion of what I am going to speak about or how, exactly, I might moderate anything other than my incoming text messages.

On the lighter side of things, I am able to leave you with a clearer picture of where our San Diego real estate market stands. And, I will be accepting new Facebook friends throughout the week — eight going on ten. There is no stopping me now!

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