Am I coming or going? Only Microsoft knows for sure.


In my neighborhood, a red Volkswagen Beetle can mean one of two things: It’s me, or it’s Merry Maids. If you have had the pleasure of seeing my personal living quarters this week, you would know that a company professing to perform housecleaning duties hasn’t been within a two-county radius of my humble abode since my children were born. Therefore, it must be me.


Steve stumbled on this Microsoft Virtual Earth shot of our home, via the Zillowsite of course. Why he was checking out our Zestimate (which, I am proud to say, is up about $20k this week) instead of working is still a mystery. Nonetheless, this kind of thing could trash the whole alibi if it was time-stamped. (I swear I don’t know that guy in the blue car!)

This was the view from the east. From the west, no Kris in sight. Thank goodness the “south” view didn’t show me frolicking in the spa. Now, that would have been ugly!

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