An Exhausting Bloggy Break

I arrived back from my week at the Inman News Real Estate Connect Conference last night a beaten woman. The schedule is always back-breaking, and this year was no different. There were the panels, of course, and my suitcase made the return trip laughing in the face of the 50-pound limit thanks to my swag booty.

Most of my tireless compadres dutifully uploaded photos of the event throughout the week and even managed a blog post or two from San Francisco. This being my third Inman event, I made the determination early on that I would be declaring a bloggy break. While Steve held down the fort (and, by all appearances, we still have a business, so I thank him), I took in as many of the panels and events as I could without killing myself in the process.

Every day, beginning with RE BarCamp, continuing on to the Blogger’s Connect pre-conference, and culminating in the main event, a two-day “let’s see how quickly we can make heads explode” exercise in delivering information and technology solutions for the real estate industry, reminded me that I am not getting any younger. At past events, my mission was always to do it all, attend every session and party, foregoing only the non-essentials (eating and sleeping). With age comes wisdom, and I was able to just say no on more than a few occasions. While all of the cool kids were out enjoying the social functions until the wee hours, and recognizing my limitations, I unfortunately missed several professional networking opportunities.

But, not all.

While I suspect the nice folks at Trulia were not nearly as amused as Jay Thompson and I, we had fun only two geeks could by hijacking their Marker Man at the Trulia House Party. Of course, being a girl and all, I am fully aware of the dangers of over-accessorizing, so I let Jay wear the shoes.

So this morning I am attempting to rally and face the day. I am easing into it, still diverting my eyes from an inbox with 133 unanswered messages screaming my name, but I will be back to full swing in no time. It’s always good to be home.

Photo credits: Ines, Phoenix Real Estate Guy

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