Another vote for twilight photography

You can see the ocean from Scripps Ranch. Well, sort of.

It has been an agonizingly long week trying to get photos taken for one of our new listings. The weather hasn’t been cooperating. The addresses on my latest onslaught of bills and Pottery Barn catalogues tell me I still live in San Diego, but the gray skies would suggest otherwise.

This new offering is a view home. As such, it becomes particularly important that the photos tell the story. You may call them clouds, but we call them a marine layer and, by any name, they wreak havoc on our otherwise good intentions. “It has an ocean view – I promise!” is not the compelling ad campaign we are after.

So, beating the rain (yes, rain!) by one day, we bit the bullet and went forward with the shoot. Had we done so midday, the exterior shots would have been disastrous. By twilight, however, we were able to capture at least some of the glory of a magnificent San Diego sunset. Clouds, in fact, make it better.


Cloudy days are also better for interior photography. Absent natural outdoor back lighting, the result is a two-for-one deal of sorts, with warm views of the inside set against of backdrop of glowing outside spaces.

Very pretty-ful! Now I’m ready for some sun.

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