August Means Vacation – Time for a Road Trip


It has been not surprisingly quiet this past week on the real estate front. Each August, when the showings slow (and they always do), we have to remind our clients that this last gasp at Summer fun means fewer people are out looking at homes. August is not unlike November and December in that respect. Competing demands rear their ugly heads. Families gearing up for vacation, school sports tryouts, and back-to-school time are just a little less likely to spend their discretionary time looking at homes, that is, unless they are truly on a mission. Aruba or Open House? You make the call.

In Scripps Ranch in June, 25 detached homes went into escrow, with 27 beginning their journey toward the County Recorder’s office in July. And, this morning, we have 120 active listings. August will be for the hearty, and the patient. From strictly a seasonal standpoint, this next month will mark the Fall shift in tide. Fewer potential buyers should be expected, but the quality of those commited few will likely be greater. And, as Steve and I have been discussing privately, it will be interesting to see if this year is different in that many would-be buyers hesitant to purchase in this market just may be waiting to use the seasonal slow-down to their advantage, perceiving greater opportunity when the going gets a little tougher for the sellers.

So, this morning, I am off to the Inman technology conference in San Francisco. I am off in theory, at least. I haven’t exactly packed. Packing Plan A always involves meticulously planning out wardrobes, including appropriate accessories, neatly laying out the items the night before, and then, the morning of the flight, casually arranging the military-folded articles in the suitcase. I’m going with Plan B. Within the next hour, I will be shooting every item of clothing I own out of a cannon into an undersized carry-on and hoping for the best. Pity the poor, random power cord. If it simply looks like it might fit into one end of a camera, video recorder, voice recorder, iPod, or laptop, it’s coming along for the ride. I will have enough electronics and peripherals to inspire the Port Commission to beef up staffing at the security check point, and I can all but guarantee that at least half that make the journey with me were designed to power the VCR I sold at a garage sale in 1993.

Not a convention goer by nature, I was sucked into this one for a couple of reasons. I am looking forward to actually meeting the many people I have met online over the past year. Mostly, though, I am hoping I can bring back some better mousetraps to help us with our business. I’ll try to report back with updates, that is, if I can find the right power cord.

Gotta pack.

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