Big vs. small real estate brokerages. Who shall inherit the earth?


Photo credit: The incomparable Bill Lublin

Our blog has been a shut-in this week as I have been off “playing” at the Inman News Real Estate Connect conference in San Francisco. I’m still here in fact, and my brain is threatening to flee my body. The real test will be how swiftly I can dispense with my mile-high to-do list when I return tomorrow. I strutted into the conference feeling pretty good about our application of technology in our business; I’ll be boarding the plane feeling like Fred Flintstone.

Nothing is quite so humbling as living for a week in a veritable mosh pit of smart, smart people, most of whom are of the unnaturally brilliant geeky-boy variety. I say this with only affection, of course. My strategy has long been to hang with as many forward-thinking, progressive people as possible in the off-chance that I can stay, if not cutting-edge, at least relevant by association. This week I am proud to say that I executed the plan brilliantly (at least the part involving stalking, clinging to coat tails and generally making a nuisance of myself).

I did get to have a little fun yesterday with my buddy and fellow Inman News columnist Rob Hahn, better known in blogging circles as Notorious Rob. Inman News published a summary of our Dan Aykroyd/Jane Curtin impression, the topic being big versus small brokerage models (and I’ll let you guess on which side of that battle I staged my assault). But if even one of our three readers has the slightest interest, you had better hurry. Being a subscription news service, it will be eyes-only for subscribers within 24 hours. (If you beg, I might give you my own account when I return to San Diego, but I doubt it will be as balanced.)

Steve’s been holding down the fort on the home front. At least, that was the plan. If anyone has evidence to the contrary (such as patrol cars being dispatched to Chez Berg), send me a tweet (@krisberg). And if you called for pizza delivery only to find that they had run out, you now know why.

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