Blogged Down


It is no secret that, among blogs, our San Diego Home Blog (SDHB) has a more local bent. Our readers run the gamut from industry compadre to industry combatant to consumer in search of local real estate information, simple amusement or a fight.

When compared to some of the more prominent, heralded real estate-related blogging efforts, we are somewhat (although not entirely) unique. We are not independent Brokers, but just Broker Associates affiliated with a big-name real estate company. We are not industry service providers, we are not full-time blogging for fun-and-profit people, but just agents in the trenches. We make our living selling homes, and our blog is simply a side-show intended to complement our business and to inform and amuse (both others and ourselves). Consequently, when duty calls, the “duty” associated with serving clients and paying the utility bills, our blog will necessarily take the subordinate role.

Case in point: A couple of weeks ago I was interviewed by Inman News for a story they were doing on the real estate blogging phenomenon in which they discussed the national industry blogs that readers follow. SDHB was honored to be mentioned in good company with some real heavy weights (such as St. Paul Real Estate BlogmiOaklandCounty, Bloodhound, and Matrix to name a few). I was quoted extensively, yet Inman being a subscription service, I didn’t bother to mention it here. Two days ago, I received an email from Matt Carter at Inman giving me the one-day link to the article that could be viewed by all. While most of my fellow honorees posted the link, I was out selling a home. My 15-minutes went down the tubes. So, for all of you non-subscribers, trust me when I tell you I was insightful, eloquent and hugely entertaining in my comments. Trust me. 🙂

This little, missed chest-thumping opportunity reminded me that, for those of you who rarely venture beyond the tiny confines of the SDHB, you may not be aware that we have our hands in all sorts of cookie jars. As a contributor to the Bloodhound, I do writing double-duty. I make a concerted effort to post the more global, wax-philosophical pieces there and the more local interest stuff here. Sometimes, the decision as to where an article goes is difficult, and most times I fear the Bloodhound benefits from my best “stuff”.

So, just in case you missed it or care, here is a quick look (link) back.

This is only a sampling of my contributions, and there are many other, thought-provoking and sometimes controversial but always entertaining opinions being tossed about by the twelve contributors that comprise the Bloodhound Blog. When you are in the mood to “go out”, I encourage you to stop in.

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