Blogs Don't Bite!

KrisBerg05 a.jpgAnyone who has been frequenting our website knows that this Blog is a fairly new endeavor, in its infancy actually.  We have spent the past month having a “soft opening”, you could say, but have been amazed at how many have stumbled onto it.  The feedback we are getting is extremely positive, and the number of people that have called or flagged us down to comment on it has honestly amazed us, which brings me to the point.

Almost every day, we have someone “comment” on our posts, ask questions about what we have written, or even request more information about a particular topic.  They do this in person, by calling and even by sending an e-mail. Why don’t they “post” their comments?  At the bottom of each post, the word “Comments” appears.  It is magical!  If you click on it, you can not only see all of the comments that have been made regarding a post (to date, mostly from Steve and me), but you can… COMMENT!

When we ask others why they didn’t register their comments on the site, the answers vary from “I didn’t know I was allowed” to “I didn’t think you wanted me to, since I already sold my house with you” (that one yesterday).  You are not only “allowed” to comment, but we encourage your participation.  Our Blog is only as good as the variety and breadth of ideas we can share, and we invite other points of view (even opposing), as well as questions, that will allow a more meaningful discourse.  You need not give your full name – Shoot, use your dog’s name for all we care; one of the great advantages of the internet is that you can remain anonymous if you wish.  But, take down that “Beware of Blog” sign.  Our Blog doesn’t bite! Now, what do you have to say about that?

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