Calling All Buyers

KrisBerg05 a.jpgWhat a funky market we are in. (The fact that I use words like “funky” just furthers my daughters’ belief that I hail from the Mesozoic Era). I know that Buyers are shopping; I see them at our open houses and I take their interest calls on our listings. What I don’t see are Buyers actually “buying” to any great extent, as sales continue to be sluggish. So, I thought it would be fun to run a little online survey of would-be buyers and those who recently took the plunge into home ownership.

If you are willing to hit the Comments link at the bottom of this post and share your brief thoughts on the market and your decision-making process, you will be automatically entered in my drawing to win a trip to Starbucks, transportation not included. (Is there no limit to my generosity, you are wondering)? Note that you are welcome to sign in with an alias to protect your anonymity. By participating, you will be providing a public service to those listing agents out there who are wondering what you are thinking… and waiting for!  Here goes:

  1. What are your biggest considerations regarding making a purchase in this market (ie. the market, pricing, condition of the home, interest rates)?
  2. How do you perceive current home pricing (too high, a real steal, just right)?
  3. On what source(s) do you rely for market and listing information (online, from your Realtor, print ads, open houses, etc…)?
  4. Where do you think the San Diego housing market is heading (up, down, stable)?
  5. As a buyer, what is (was) your motivation for purchasing (the world is my oyster – I am in no hurry, I must move by Thursday, etc…)?

Thanks for participating. Your perception is your reality, and you are the market. We look forward to your comments, and will be announcing the winner of my exciting prize next Wednesday.

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