Cool new market data on the blog – I didn't blow anything up.

If you are a non-Realtor (little ‘R’) civilian, close your ears for a couple of paragraphs. I’ll be back to you in a moment.

It was update time at the San Diego Home Blog. I was one bloggy upgrade behind. It has been well-documented that while I hang with the geeky kids, I am a poser, so each time I am faced with an upgrade, I approach the task with much trepidation. That’s what the Internet has done for us; we have all this information, arguably too much. I can Google my way through the twelve steps to building a nuclear reactor in my back yard, and I might even succeed. Chances are, though, I would just blow myself up.

So it goes messing with your own code. But, I am proud to say I did it. I upgraded to Thesis 1.6 this morning and didn’t even hurt myself. It’s something I have been wanting to do for awhile for one reason — to take advantage of the most coolest of cool drop-down menu features.

Now, if you hover over the San Diego Housing Snapshot tab above (and I will be having a renaming contest for that guy very soon), you will see a drop-down list of communities. Thanks to Zillow’s Local Market Explorer plug-in with information down to the neighborhood level, you can see information on trends, schools, and recent sales for your favorite zip code (like Scripps Ranch, for instance).

I have created a few pages to get things started, and will be adding more shortly (after I deal with a pesky request for repairs). In the meantime, I am aware that we are dangerously close to becoming “The San Diego Home Blog Brought to You by Zillow,” but I think it’s good stuff, so I’ll risk it.

I also added a tab, finally, which redirects to our home search platform. Unfortunately, the redirect takes you far, far away to our web site, which is bad form if I want to keep your attention. If anyone knows how to use the WordPress custom redirect feature to open a page in a new window, do tell. On the other hand, all I really need is for Diverse Solutions, the platform provider, to hurry up and give me a plug-in (hint, hint).

Civilians, you can come back now. Check out my new tabs. Cool, huh?

Big update! Huge thank you to Jeffrey Douglas for solving my little redirect dilemma. Dang, it’s good to know people. 🙂

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