Do You Know What Your Neighbors Did Last Night?

No, they did not just watch TV and go to bed.  What they did do was wade through a construction zone right in the middle of their house.  Our sellers have completely renovated and upgraded their home for sale.  They have new paint throughout, including the ceilings and kitchen cabinets, upgraded their light fixtures and Voila!  They are ready to put their house on the market!  Our sellers will definitely succeed, getting the highest price possible and closing escrow in a difficult market. 

One of the most common questions we get is, “What do we need to do to improve our property so it will sell faster and at top dollar?”  Fortunately, this is a really easy question to answer.  The budget for somebody who is selling a million dollar property is going to be different than for someone who is selling a three hundred thousand dollar property.  But here’s the BIG SECRET.  You would not believe how many times you walk into a million dollar plus property that has ZERO improvements.  The furniture is from the ’70s, they still have that avocado green kitchen stove, wood paneling on the walls, and wallpaper everywhere.  We just want to scream, “It doesn’t matter that there is six or seven hundred thousand dollars of equity!”  This is yet another example of trying to save pennies, but in effect, makes the choice to lose thousands and thousands of dollars.  That eventual sales price will not be anywhere near what the sales price would have been if they had upgraded and spent some money improving their home to sell.  We have concluded that for some people, “it’s in their nature.”  And, nothing will change that.

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