Don't Put Words in My Mouth

Kristn.jpgWhy does this make me sad? On craigslist this morning, there are three jobs ads posted for “bloggers wanted”. In one ad, a “new San Diego Real Estate Blog” is looking for a “talented writer with a knack for marketing who has a serious interest in real estate and preferably has some knowledge of the local real estate market”. Among the job duties listed, they want someone to “get out and market this blog by commenting on other bloggers’ blogs” and to gain links. Talk about ghost writing.

I see a parallel between this and the super-sized agent phenomenon that was the subject of some spirited discussion recently at the RCG. More agents have begun adopting the team business model wherein you have your front man, or woman, and a cast of thousands working in support who actually perform the tasks of showing, negotiating, coordinating escrow, etc… A brokerage within a brokerage, if you will. I am not even on the fence on this issue. Steve and I have shunned the Walmart approach to real estate for years. If you hire me, you should get me. As a consumer, I would find it unacceptable to hire Agent X but have my MLS printout read “call Agent Y with all questions and offers” (an all too common occurrence in our market). Sure, this approach may allow Agent X to service more transactions, but it will not allow that agent to serve more people (remember, the guys that hired you?). But, I suppose it is these same super-sized agents that are far too busy or important to blog, and fearing they may miss the blogging bandwagon but lacking the knowledge to get started, the desire to learn, or simply the desire, find it acceptable to delegate responsibility. I refuse to assign responsibility for my clients to another, as I don’t believe that is in my clients’ best interests, and I certainly am not ready to have others do my online talking. We blog for many reasons. Most will likely agree that what started as a don’t-miss-the-boat endeavor, a quasi-commercial venture cloaked in non-commercial sheep’s clothing has evolved into something entirely different. Those of us that spend our time blogging have found an outlet for our opinions (group therapy, if you will), and believe that the forum allows us to not only interact with our industry peers, but expand our knowledge by benefiting from their varying ideas and perspectives while sharing information and insight with past, present and future clients. It’s rewarding to think that someone might actually be reading this, but if a blog falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it… It really doesn’t matter. I’m having fun. And no one is putting words in my mouth.

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