Friday Fluff


Advertising that awes!

A public service for those planning on spending the weekend looking for that charming place to call home:

If this agent photo (straight from our MLS to you) doesn’t inspire, maybe another angle will speak to you:

Now you’re talking! I can’t share the interior photos, because there aren’t any. The agent probably couldn’t get a good angle or the right lighting from his car while passing at 30 miles per hour.

If these photos don’t move you, this ad might:

Locals know “Old Scripps” refers to a particular area of our community but , to an ad-scanner, the emphasis on “OLD” may leave the wrong impression. (Remember, old in San Diego does not conjure images of historic and classic architectural detailng. The ’70’s weren’t our proudest design-and-build years).

Finally, name calling will get you nowhere.

Communicating effectively can be a powerful tool. We should do it more often.

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