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For months I have been intending to tackle a little rainy day project, and this week I was again reminded that the project just might have merit. I was talking to a past client about the perennial chicken-and-egg dilemma, the one involving selling a home in order to purchase another without leaving the family living, at least temporarily, in a KOA campground or my guest room in the process.

If you are California real estate agent, you know the answer lies in a little form we call the COP (Contingency for Purchase or Sale). It’s arguably one of our more misunderstood contracts yet one of our most potent.

“I wrote a post about the COP a while ago,” I remembered. “I’ll send you the link.”

Now, before I get to my point (which is not to talk about purchase and sale contingencies), I know you are now distracted and can think of nothing but the COP, so here you go. And, therein lies my project. I realized I need an FAQ feature on the blog.

After more than four years, we have naturally amassed a wealth of information on our blog. And, after four years, the stuff tends to get buried like a time capsule, only to be unearthed by the lucky web surfers who successfully type in the winning combinations of keywords.

One of our more popular search terms continues to be “organisms,” which, much to the dismay of teenage boys across America who did not win any spelling bees, usually brings them to an piece I wrote on the Wood Destroying Pests and Organisms Report (you know it as the Termite Report). They don’t typically hang around long.

But, I digress. Again, that’s not my point. You may want to know – need to know – about termite inspections. You may also need to know about all of the other things we have written about – property inspections, Redfin, open houses, Redfin, Zillow, Zillow, my daughter’s appearance on The Price is Right, and Redfin, to name a few. An FAQ page would help. And I’m going to set one up –just not today.

Today, I am proud to say, is an opportunity for our three readers to give back. From

Do you have a favorite real estate blogger that fills you in on everything you need to know about real estate in your area? Then, this is your chance to show them your appreciation with your vote!

Come on! You know you want to! Even the 14-year-old who is still trying to fumigate his date has benefited from the impressive resource that is our blog!

Here’s how it works:

We have identified the top real estate bloggers in each of the cities mentioned below. You, the fans, can vote on your favorite blogger by clicking on your city’s link below. Look for the graphic, “Vote for the best real estate blog” on the right-hand side of the page (you might have to scroll down a bit) and then, click on it. You will see a list of bloggers we’ve nominated. Please vote for your favorite blogger. And, you can vote once a day through noon (PST) on Aug. 11 before voting stops.

In English, CLICK HERE and look for the big “Vote for the best Real Estate Blog!” box on the right. From there, you can click on the radio button next to your favorite San Diego site. In case you are a little fuzzy, we are SANDIEGOHOMEBLOG.COM.

Why is this so important to us? Because the winner in each city will receive the following prizes:

  • A badge to post on his or her blog to indicate they won the blog showdown
  • A link from

That’s right! A badge! For our blog! I am not certain, but I suspect Zillow would allow me as the WINNER to use the badge likeness to fashion t-shirts, caps and jar openers that might extend my fifteen minutes and catapult our notoriety into uncharted territory.  From there, I might even get my own book deal and sitcom.

But I’m good with just the badge.

Sadly, they weren’t kidding when they said you can only vote once a day (I know because I tested the theory), but your vote would mean a lot to us – and help us to look a little less lame when the results are tallied. Our goal is for the Zillow accountants to have to use both hands to count our raving fans.

So, thank you in advance. Do this for us, and I will get cracking on the FAQ page. I want to make it easy for you to revisit the epic I wrote on rabbits eating my lawn and that other one on my trip to New Orleans.

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