Going Coastal – Carmel Valley 2-Year Housing Trends

In response to our post of I-15 corridor housing market trends, one of our three readers asked me about Carmel Valley. Since we are all about service here, following is the skinny on our coastal cousin (detached homes in 92130).

Carmel Valley 2-Year Housing Trends 8/09

Quite a different story than the I-15 corridor. Is it just me, or does it look like the trends are reversed? Specifically, inventory seems to be going north in Carmel Valley, and the median price isn’t yet giving off vibes of reversing it’s downward trend. My take-away is that just like a there are leaders and laggards when comparing the market trends of different cities, all communities within the same metro area are not created equal.

Or, put another way, real estate is local. Duh.

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