Guilty by Association

Kristn.jpgPandering to the masses “whom they regard as morons”? That is what Greg at the Bloodhound calls Prudential’s move to include a Zillow link on their website. Oh, please! I completely agree that Zillow’s valuation tools are of limited “value”, for lack of a better word, but how can you say recognizing their existence is pandering? And for the record, I certainly do not consider the masses “morons”, nor do I think for a minute that Prudential holds this opinion. Sellsius says it best with their albeit limited survey of consumers’ opinions regarding the value of the Zestimate. The “morons” appararently see Zillow for what it is, one of many tools available to them when researching home values. Ask twelve agents the value of your home, and you will likely get twelve answers. A Zestimate simply gives you one more “opinion” of value, and it is ultimately the responsibility of the consumer to consider all of the information and determine which source is most reliable.

I, for one, do not fear Zillow, nor do I regard their their mere existence with the same contempt that many do. I include a link to them both on our blog roll and on our website. What’s the harm? My clients will likely surf to their site sooner or later. Better to help with the navigation. I guess that makes me guilty by association.

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