Happy Anniversary to Me (and What's His Name)


The San Diego Home Blog turns 1 today! In both blog and dog years, that is an awfully long time.

Over the past year, we have averaged roughly one post every other day. This is embarrassingly sparse by heavyweight blog standards (a Greg Swann Writing Machine will churn out in a week what we do in a year), but we aren’t yet in a position to give up our day job, which remains helping people buy and sell homes. Sure, you will find bigger blogs, blogs with more “authority”, blogs with more posts and more comments, and (dare I say) better blogs, but we are pretty proud of how far we have come. In the words of William Hung, I have had no formal training, yet I am having a blast and hopefully educating and entertaining along the way.

On this, our anniversary, I thought it would be thematic to link back to some of my favorite posts here over the past year. These by no means constitute Pulitzer Prize-winning works, nor is each an insightful industry dissertation of epic proportions; these are but a few of the posts, however, which amused me the most.

What We Did On Our Summer Vacation – Working “vacations” continue to be the bane of all agents.
Keeping Property Inspections in Check
 – I took a lot of heat for this one.
Walmart Envy – Thought I was having some “fun” with John Lockwood, but our relationship has been somewhat tenuous ever since.
My, How You’ve Grown! – Poor Willie, by the way, never did sell.
The Corn Does Not Convey – Those stupid real estate licensing exams!
When the Grass is Greener – The infamous Rabbit Post.
Stupid People Zue Zillow – The Zestimate and shooting fish in a barrel.
While I Was Sleeping – GodZillow Strikes – Zillow is always a favorite.
The World According to Kris – 2006 in Review – Silly, year-end fun.

We have had close to 200 posts in total, some pretty good and some hideously bad. We have lived through bad photos (June Cleaver and her Disco King), some really big fonts (until I learned you can not cut and paste Word files), too many creatively-spelled words, and other “technical” difficulties which have wreaked untold havoc. We have added widgets, removed widgets, added contributors, eliminated contributors, made friends, ruffled more than a few feathers, and generally had a seat-of-the-pants, schizophrenic approach to this whole mess which, in the end (I think),  pretty accurately reflects who we are and for what we stand.

Oh, and Steve might notice that all of my “best of” links are to my articles. If you want to share in the glory, mister, write your own post. As for the rest of you, gifts of paper are traditional for a first anniversary. Since this is hardly appropriate for a celebration involving a paperless medium, however, I will settle for a gratuitous, fawning, congratulatory comment or trackback. If you are inclined, you might also give a shout-out to what’s-his-name. Afterall, he has to live with me.

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