Happy Holidays from San Diego Castles Realty

How big are we getting? Well, we are outgrowing JibJab — too many heads for a single epic video. But it takes more than that to sap our holiday spirit.

This year, we bring you our happy holiday wishes in two parts.

Part Uno stars the Sunday Gover team — Sunday Gover, Audrey Sanchez, Peggy Webb, and Sasha Harvey (who got the lead because she actually speaks Spanish) — and Leslie Flemming. Leslie had to provide an assist because their team is short a head. Get cracking, would you Sunday?

Part Dos features the rest of our crew — John Lowe, Millie Fitzpatrick, Lisa Yates Susca, me, and some guy named Steve.

To all of our agents — thank you for being a part of our growing bevy of awesomeness. You’re the bomb! (And to Lisa, sorry it looks like you are missing your left temporal lobe. I was a little sloppy with my editing.)

Finally, to our clients and friends, our biggest and bestest wishes for a wonderful holiday season and a fantabulous 2011!

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