Headline news: My blog is nice.

I am not one to brag, but in case you missed it, the LA Times talked about our little blog yesterday. It even ran in column one of the tree version! I am calling my publicist.

OK. It wasn’t exactly an article about me. It wasn’t even sort of about me, but instead about the now famous Jim Klinge. At least I was mentioned. You can find the glowing reference somewhere on page two of the online version. Just in case you missed it:

Kris Berg, another San Diego County real estate broker who writes a blog as sweet as Klinge’s is sour, says Klinge “is a nice guy, a great guy.”

Put that in your testimonial book! After a 20 minute phone call with the writer, Peter Hong, in which I was oozing eloquence and poignant take-aways, Mr. Hong was able to glean two news-worthy items: My blog is sweet, and Mr. Klinge is a super-great guy!

Lest you think I am jealous that Mr. Klinge is now being catapulted to fame and fortune while I have an appointment with the termite guy today, I assure you I am not. However, I would like to add that Peter Hong is the best journalist I have ever encountered, not to mention a really, really great guy! Just in case he is reading this (fat chance), I would like to go on record as saying that I am available for future feature stories if the opportunity arises.

And to Jim Klinge, congratulations on the very nice article. I accept cash, checks and gifts with corks in them. Maybe you can drop my name on your book tour — or at least let me wash your car.

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