Helpful Hint of the Day


If you are a condo owner and contemplating selling someday (almost everyone), you may want to look over your CC&R’s, HOA Rules, etc. to determine the restrictions for marketing (i.e., “for sale” signs). We have recently run into two different HOA’s that only allow signs in windows.

I understand the need for these rules, in general. However, in our recent cases, due to the design of the buildings neither of our listings have windows that face in a direction where a “for sale” sign may actually be seen. Many other units do. This is blatantly discriminatory and probably illegal. Worse, it hinders the marketing effort. People who live in a community and see a “for sale” sign while driving or walking past the unit are sometimes the best sources of potential buyers, such as their friends or relatives.

It is reasonable to limit the size and location of marketing signs, but it is ultimately self-defeating and can hurt the value of these properties when reasonable marketing is prevented, while discriminatory restrictions are allowed.

If you are in one of these communities, you should contact your HOA board members and/or attend your monthly HOA meetings and start the process to eliminate these practices.


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