How do you explain Value Range Pricing to a Canadian?

It’s often called the elevator interview, but this one took place at the top of the escalator. Tomato, tomawto.

While at the Inman Real Estate Connect conference last week, I had the pleasure of meeting real estate agent Ian Watt. Not only is he first in the hearts of Vancouver residents, but we share a web site platform, so it was a thrill to talk to him about his business. Ian is carving out a fun niche with his video blog. His posts, shot using a Flip video camera, are typically accomplished while driving; he simply sits the camera on the dash and goes.

I love technology, of course, and am always on the look out for new applications lest I am rendered irrelevant by noon on Thursday, and while I have said here repeatedly that I know I must incorporate video to a larger extent in our marketing, Steve correctly pointed out that Ian’s driving method of production is not for me. I have visions of twelve car pile-ups and a lot of hand gestures coming my way from passing motorists suggesting I am “Number One,” if you know what I mean. Somehow, though, Ian pulls it off.

I borrowed this from Ian’s site. It is short and somewhat painful (painful in that Ian refused to provide pre-filming hair and make-up), but the man wanted to know about those wacky American value range pricing strategies, so what was I to do?

Thanks, Ian, and maybe this will inspire me to use one of the two Flip cameras on my desk collecting dust.

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