How I spent my Easter Sunday

SteveBerg05.jpgIt was an experiment I actually wanted to try. Kris has had amazing results working on Holidays. She sold homes to two different buyers that came into the office on New Years Day a few years ago (she was just in to do a few minutes paperwork). Then she got a listing and a buyer on Mothers Day the next year. So, when we advertised one of our listings (in Mira Mesa) for an open house on Easter Sunday, I was really curious to see if anyone would show up. (I really wanted bragging rights to have sold a home on Easter Sunday). Ultimately, three groups of people did show up, all serious and potential buyers (one group with their agent). Although I didn’t sell the home that day, I think it was worth the few hours of work. It also confirmed to me that even in this more “balanced” market, there are definitely buyers out there looking for their dream home.

Steve Berg

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