How NOT to Sell Your Home: Make it Difficult to Show

SteveBerg05.jpgOkay, the market is not quite what it used to be. But there are buyers out there, so one might think that in this more competitive environment sellers would make every effort to allow their home to be conveniently shown to potential buyers…NOT.

How important is this? Recently, I was setting up a tour of available homes to show my buyers, who are ready, willing and able to make a purchase. Of the five homes we planned to see, two are vacant (no problem). Of the three that are occupied,  here are the results of my calls for an appointment to show:

Home #1. “My Dad is not home. Don’t know when he will be back. Can you call back in 3 or 4 hours?”

Home #2. I got a fax tone. 

Home #3. Had to call agent and leave a message. Received a call back from agent 2 hours after we completed our tour. 

The bottom line? My clients submitted an offer on one of the properties we were conveniently able to visit.

The moral of this story is painfully obvious…

Steve Berg

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