How to market your client's home.

Dear Listing Agent:

Your client has hired you to assist him in the sale of his home. In doing so, he is relying on your experience and professionalism to promote his property in the most positive light.

This gorgeouse home has spacious rooms…

As you know, it is important to choose your words carefully when entering the listing in the MLS. Not only is this what the cooperating agents will see, but most online search sites receive their feeds from the MLS, and your words will reverberate through cyberspace for the duration of your marketing period.

Enormus kitchen… mulit-friut trees… water softner

The way in which you present the homes you represent is not only a reflection on you, but a reflection on the entire agent population.  I am sure you are aware that many consumers are seriously questioning our value these days. In marketing your listings, you have an opportunity to shine!

Experianced short-sale agent…

Spell-checkers are for sissies; don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. You are a PROFESSIONAL!

Of course, your listing may be such a fine property that it leaves you speechless. I know; I have seen a lot of these lately.

It’s not all about words, however. Photos are important in attracting the eyes of potential buyers and in inspiring cooperating agents to rally their buying clients. If you can’t afford professional photography, you needn’t worry. Just familiarize yourself with the basics. First, always shoot with the sun at your back to capture the artistic shadows.

Short on disk space? Resize that puppy. Thumbnails tend to hide the flaws.

The important thing is that you capture the essence of the home and all that is special without giving too much away. Be mysterious.

Now, you don’t want to make it too easy for potential buyers and their agents to find your listing. Anything special is worth working for. What do we look like, Thomas Guides?

And, whenever possible, you should endeavor to make it as challenging as possible for agents to show the home. This is an important cleansing process which will weed out the looky-loos with a fear of commitment.



And, finally, be sure to use words which confuse. This will tend have other agents doubting their own abilities and knowledge of the process and will put you in your rightful position of authority.

Call either Joe at (single phone number omitted to protect the Joes) with questions.

Acronyms are always good. STEOB, BTVABCOE, CLAFATS  – Use these as often as possible, or you can make up your own! Not only does it make you look really smart, but if they don’t get this stuff, they should find another career. As we know, it takes a lot of experiance to be a successful agent.

Get your Instant Home Value…