How to Succeed (Survive) In Real Estate Today – It's the Business Plan


I’m an admitted “homer”, but I don’t spend a lot of time here giving prop’s to Kris’ posts. Usually, we are resolute in our differing opinions and are not afraid to challenge each other, although from strictly a literary sense, she usually beats the crap out of me.

Once in a while she puts together a “really decent message” that I have to grudgingly acknowledge, today offering one example. Sadly, her remarks weren’t posted here, but on the Bloodhound Blog, and you may read it here.

The message (in Steve language) is this. Today is a new dawn in real estate. Actually it’s a rerun of an old dawn, just one that most practitioners (and many consumers) have not yet seen… a challenging market.

What’s necessary?? Without stealing all of her thunder (which she does to me on an almost daily basis, without proper credit), a business plan. No, not the old business plan that takes months and many consultants and $$ to complete only to sit on a shelf and gather dust, but a business plan that reflects one’s understanding of all the nice little necessities that it takes to succeed. Today that means that an agent needs to recognize they are their own little business, notwithstanding the infrastructure their Broker may provide.

Analyzing and understanding the market, contracts, technology, liability, and the like are all imperatives, but you must add the all important component of how to create a demand for your services. Your Broker can’t really do this. Only you can.

This may seem a bit agent-centric, but consumers benefit from this as well. It will help you to identify the agents who are best prepared to handle what is likely your largest investment. It really is a must read. Decent post, Kris!

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