I'm an honorary Zonie! (and seeing double)

Kristn.jpgKristn.jpgZonies! As a San Diegan, you know them. They are the ones that clog our freeways and beaches during the summer months. They are the ones we blame for all of our June through August overpopulation woes. You recognize them by their shoes, the rubber soles having been melted away by pounding the scorching Arizona blacktop to get the *&^%$ out to more habitable temperatures before the mecury reads triple digits. Now I ARE one! Well, at least an honorary one.

Greg Swann of Bloodhound Blog fame recently invited me to join his project as a contributor. If you are reading this, you know I have been a long-time fan of his work. His commentary is taxingly prolific, often fiercely biting, and always hugely entertaining. The caliber of the others who now comprised his consortium of contributors is top-notch as well.

So, having made my acceptance speech, I now have two outlets for my blogging addiction. Won’t Steve be pleased!?

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