I'm Outta Here


In the past, Kris and I have shared the philosophy that when we start to burn out or we have had enough of whatever, we just head out for a “road trip”, usually by air and usually to Las Vegas where we sequester ourselves for 48 hours in the climate controlled environment of the Planet Hollywood Hotel/Casino. It’s great to get a change in scenery for a couple of days, away from the daily grind of real estate, to gain a new and fresh perspective. 

For me though, I need to be a bit more “away” than Vegas, so just about every year for the past three decades I  have escaped to the backcountry of the High Sierras, where being sequestered takes on a slightly different meaning. Since there are no electrical outlets there for a laptop or hairdryer Kris has, so far, refused to accompany me. She will instead be responsible for covering the homefront. With 9 active listings, a bunch of escrows, another half dozen buyers and a couple more listings waiting in the wings, someone has to cover the biz. Plus, of greater importance is that daughter Emily is in her final approach mode for trying out for the Scripps Ranch High School Volleyball team, a group that is seemingly blessed year after year with several All-American/Olympic-caliber players. At about 5′ 4″, most of the week will be spent by Kris stretching Emily, hopefully to great new heights, literally.    

At the same time I will be introducing daughter Becky to the wonders and surreal landscape of Tuolumne Meadows, including her first visit to a High Sierra Camp (Glen Aulin) and a trip down the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne River.  At night we will undoubtedly be visited by the local bears with just about 1/8 inch of tent fabric separating their noses from ours. It doesn’t help the sleep cycle, but the odds are they will not be so presumptuous as to come inside for a visit.

Now, I know that I have just broken a record number of rules of real estate blogging, and I’m certain there are many disgusted pro bloggers pooh-poohing this post. I have made it personal and off-subject. It’s also too long, I have not included enough pictures or the proper keywords and pretty much blew off any chance for search engine optimization. In fact, Google will likely put out a cyber “Wanted” poster on me, meaning they want me off line due to my inexcusable blogging indiscretions. This will do nothing for our “hits” or “page visits” or any other objective measurement of blogging success.

That’s the point. I don’t really care. Because this week, for me there will be no mortgage mess, no sales statistics, no home showings, no calls from escrow or other agents. I’m off to Yosemite, my happy place, with my daughter to take a break from all this and to rejuvenate myself until, well, the next visit to the Sierras or Vegas. It’s a patch, but a really good one. When I return, I will be fully recharged to do what we do best; Take care of our clients. But, for now, I’m outta here.

I hope everyone has a great week.    

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