Inman News announces "Top 25 Most Influencial Real Estate Bloggers" for 2008 – Go figure.

Inman News published their “Top 25 Most Influential Real Estate Bloggers” report for 2008 this week. You are no doubt screaming into your keyboard, “Can we see it, puleeeease?” Nope. That is because the report, which isn’t so much of a report at all but more of a list, is available for download only to Inman Premium members.  I can, however, share the link to the Inman article where you can’t see the report. Here you go.

First, I have one beef. Last year I didn’t make the cut, snubbed if you will. And, last year, Inman posted the list for all to see. One could argue they were almost mocking my lack of influence. “Look who’s not on our list! Ha! Kris couldn’t talk a cat onto a fish cart – or a presidential candidate onto a podium.” Determined to avoid my past transgressions, the ones that threaterned to keep me in the headlock of veritable anonymity, I have taken steps over the past year to hone my influence skills.

Just this morning, Steve asked, “Would you like me to run to Starbucks and bring you a Mocha?” “Yes!” I said.  And now, just thirty minutes later, I am drinking a mocha. It would be hard to argue that I didn’t influence that outcome. Last night, I suggested to the nuclear family that we all have left-over pizza for dinner, and they all agreed! (Granted, the left-over pizza was the only product of food origin remaining in the refrigerator which wasn’t in need of a serious shave, but I think you will agree that my persuasive powers were somewhat impressive. They had cars and knew where the Taco Bell was, after all.)  I’ve got other examples, but to share them here would just be bragging.

Now, even though the actual report itself is under copyright lock and key, news of the Top 25 leaked immediately. You can’t bury big news like this. In fact, it has become almost viral — I have seen the list republished on three or four sites – so I have to consider that the list is now in the public domain and fair game.

Before I get to the list, however, I must say that the reaction has been mixed. First, the use of the word “influence” itself has been questioned. I think with my previous examples I just nipped that one in the bud. Other reaction has varied from “It’s such an honor!” to “Lists are stupid.” Lets go with the first one.  So, I will thank Inman for the recognition and the honor of being on a short list of big writers, even though there are hundreds of real estate bloggers out there who have accomplished far more. And, it’s a good thing Inman uses the alphabetical rule of list-making. Which reminds me, I owe a big shout out to Steve for giving me a last name which puts me high in the ABC pecking order.

And now, I will take my position at the mailbox waiting for my real award. What will it be? The gift of cash? A fruit basket? A giant Bloggy Trophy with my name engraved on it? One thousand shares of AIG stock? With my luck, it will be a court summons for having perpetrated a copyright infringement — or the stock.

Broker and Agent Blogs:
Kris Berg – The San Diego Home Blog
Teresa Boardman – St. Paul Real Estate Blog
Noah Rosenblatt – Urbandigs
Daniel Rothamel – Real Estate Zebra
Jay Thompson – Phoenix Real Estate Guy

Community, Multi-author Blogs:
Lani Anglin-Rosales – Agent Genius
Greg Swann – Bloodhound Blog

Todd Carpenter: Lenderama
Dan Green: The Mortgage Reports

Housing Economics:
Barry Ritholtz – The Big Picture
Calculated Risk

Industry Commentary:
Michael Wurzer – FBS Blog
Joseph Ferrara – Sellsius Real Estate Blog
Joel Burslem – Future of Real Estate Marketing

Marketing and How-to:
Dustin Luther –
Nicole Nicolay – MyTechOpinion
Jim Cronin – The Real Estate Tomato

Local Blogs:
Lockhart Steele – Curbed
Jonathan Butler – Brownstoner

Company Bloggers:
Rudy Bachraty – Trulia
Drew Meyers – Zillow Blog, Geek Estate Blog
Glenn Kelman – Redfin Blog

Journalist Blogs:
Peter Viles – L.A. Land
John Cook – Where are John and Todd?

Housing Bubble Blogger:
Patrick Killelea –, Reality Parser

Congratulations to all! Now, go out there and influence somebody!

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