Inman Real Estate Connect – An intervention?

The gracious (misguided?) folks at Inman invited me back. The next installment of the semi-annual Real Estate Connect conference will be held July 23rd through 25th in San Francisco, and I will have the honor of moderating the opening act at the Bloggers Connect workshop.

Meet Me at Connect SF 2008

This will be my third Real Estate Connect and, if you are in any way involved in the real estate industry and aren’t planning on attending, let me know. We will administer the saliva test immediately.

Steve “lets me” fly solo to these. He is under the impression that it is one big vacation, some much needed “me” time, and has visions of a bunch of laptop-toting, lampshade-wearing agents making html jokes and generally getting crazy. “Who messed with my Favorites folder?” “Is that your Facebook page or did you just forget to let the dog out?” Let the hilarity ensue.

Networking is a big part of it, no doubt, and I will admit even to the IRS audit agent that I do have fun at these events. But it is mostly work. The program is packed with information, breaks are few, and if past experience is any indication, I will arrive at the airport security checkpoint Friday on all fours, utterly exhausted and muttering incoherently about bulls and bears aggregating their listing feeds and the role of video in monetizing Craig Newmark.

The session I am moderating is titled, “Creating Content that Hooks Readers” and, if my last post on drywood termites is any indication, they picked the right girl — to not speak. Oh sure, the day before I wrote the engaging piece about how someone posted my stick figure drawing without permission (on their own post about plagiarism), and on Mother’s Day I wrote an article about… I’m not really sure what that one was about. Generally, though, I am a disjointed train wreck when it comes to content, at least in the conventional wisdom sense.

Maybe that’s why I’m moderating. It might be an Inman intervention of sorts. I’m ready for them. In my case, them is:

Mike Simonsen, Co Founder & CEO, Altos Research
Ben Martin,
Director of Communications & New Media, VARblog
Jeff Corbett, Author,
The XBroker Blog
Benn Rosales, Founder, Agent Genius

Aside from the “let Kris have a microphone” mishap, the program is a veritable who’s who of blogging and industry insiders. The program will make your head spin. Be there or stay here and hang out with Steve. How’s that for compelling?

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