Introducing our new San Diego Castles Realty website

Hat tip to Phoenix Real Estate Guy Jay Thompson for this blast from the past. It’s hard to believe that this Today Show video, in which Bryant Gumbel talks about the mysterious “’a’ with the little ring around it,” is from 1994. And it’s a fitting intro to what’s been keeping me out of trouble for the past several months.

(Editor’s Note: There used to be a really great video embedded here until it was “removed by the user” from YouTube. How dare they mess up my blog post! You’ll have to trust me — You would have liked it.)

A mere seventeen years after Katie Couric had to ask what the Internet was, we soft-launched our new San Diego Castles Realty website this week. My thanks go out to Drew Meyers and Jim Marks of the Virtual Results team for suffering my months of insufferable nitpicking, change orders and stupid questions — not to mention that time during testing when I got all control-freakish and, trying to install my own plugin, broke the whole thing. They love doing things twice – not.

This is admittedly about the eighty-seventh reinvention of that first website I launched back in 1999, and there will be more in the future. While 1994 seems like yesterday to most of us, technology is advancing at warp speed now. And where all things “Internet” are concerned, the minute we think we are “done,” we are finished.

Our new site is a thing of beauty (if I do say so myself, and I do). We incorporated all of the popular content from our previous site – floor plans, search features, community information – while adding even richer content and a group blog for the San Diego Castles Realty agents.

Eventually, this little blog will be getting yet another facelift and migrating over to the same site, as soon as my friends at Virtual Results have time to catch a little sleep and a bite to eat. In the meantime, I would love your feedback on the feel, content and navigation, good or bad. It won’t hurt my feelings if it’s bad. I’ll just blame Drew.

I’m certain there are little glitches here and there that we will need to address over time. And we will be adding some additional content and features as we catch our breath. In the meantime, please welcome us to the 21st century!

(Note: This has nothing to do with our new site, but it’s a good opportunity to point out a cool new feature from our most-awesome IDX search providers, Diverse Solutions. In the search panel, below the map, you now have the option of displaying recent sales as well as active listings. By zooming in, even more recent sales will be displayed. This is something I have long been clamoring for, and now we’ve got it. This makes me a happy girl. And when I’m happy, everyone’s happy.)

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