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Well, we aren't hiring just anyone, but we are always looking for awesome agents who are committed to customer service and excellence.


First, there are a couple of things you should know. We are different, and we like it that way. You might have to learn to speak a new language.

Our clients are central to our culture, and providing outstanding representation is our passion. Our clients are not “leads” or “prospects” to be “converted.” Rather, they are real people who trust us to partner with them on a very serious, very important undertaking — the purchase or sale of a home.

As a real estate agent, your license says that you are a “salesperson.” At San Diego Castles Realty, we ask you to ignore this part. We do not sell anything. We do represent home buyers and sellers, offering a premium blend of experience, marketing, innovation and client care.

Oh — and our agents respect and support one another rather than compete. We know that sounds like crazy-talk, particularly if you are accustomed to the more traditional brokerage model. But each of our agents understand that their reputations, not to mention the reputation of San Diego Castles Realty, are in the hands of the weakest agent. Consequently, we don’t just hire anyone with a license, and we have turned down many. Rather, we only want the best agents and agents who share our philosophies.

ONE FINAL NOTE: At San Diego Castles Realty, we won’t be giving you any certificates or trophies, because here we work together to succeed.  You won’t get a corner office (although you will have access to our very nice “docking station” for those times you feel you absolutely must work or meet someone in a shiny office). And we won’t guarantee your success — because no broker can. That one is entirely up to you.

What we can guarantee, however, is that if you bring the necessary skills, passion and commitment, we will provide the rest — the tools and an environment which will allow you the opportunity to succeed. Our team is fun and supportive, and we love technology. (OK, some of us love technology more than others, but we can teach you that stuff. And we will.)

STILL LISTENING? If it sounds like our philosophies are aligned, then we should chat. We are pretty progressive here, but we still answer our phones. Contact Kris Berg at (858) 530-2374 to learn more.

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