Just A Man Among Giants


Last night was a humble experience for me. Kris had been invited to meet and have dinner with Jonathan Dalton, author of the Dalton’s Arizona Homes, who happened to be in San Diego for a convention. Along with Jonathan, we were joined by Brian Brady from the Mortgage Rates Report, and Jeff Brown (aka the Bawld Guy), whom I had met recently, along with his son, Josh (Bawld Son).

Walking in with Kris and meeting these guys was great, but as I sat there and took in the scene I quickly realized that I was in the presence of some of the best real estate bloggers/writers in the country. Talk about intimidating. Although I was made to feel welcome, I couldn’t help but think I was totally out of my league. Being Kris’ little sidekick is great when it’s just the two of us. She only denigrates me about once a week, which is manageable.


My ace in the hole was that this very literary-endowed  group was meeting at a  Gaslamp Quarter dive named Dick’s Last Resort. The denigration suffered by all at the hands of our waitress was the great equalizer. As I sat there and looked at our elite group, forced to wear bibs and funny hats (compliments of Dick) with hand written descriptions from our waitress that cannot be repeated, I was just one of the boys. Sadly (for Brian and me), they don’t serve cheeseburgers.

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