"Lazy Agent" Rant, Part 2

KrisBerg05 a.jpgAwhile back, I vented about the “lazy agent”.  You probably know him (or her).  This person is the one that chose a career in a service industry but refuses to provide service, the one that feels inconvenienced when required to perform the duties of their profession, and the one that often forgets that their most important duty is to their client, even though providing proper representation requires a lot of ongoing time, effort and often money. >My three newest entries into the Lazy Agent Hall of Fame are: 

1. The agent who called me on Friday to make an appointment to show one of our listings.  “May I show the home between 10:00 and 2:00 on Saturday?” he asked.  After calling the seller to confirm that the time was alright, I delivered the news to the agent.  I told him that the property is on lockbox, so please feel free to show.  “I don’t have a lockbox key”, responded my new friend.  “I was hoping you could show the home to my clients”.  Hmm…. Was I supposed to hang around the home during that four hour period waiting for his call?  Or maybe I was going to be in charge of their entire home tour. 

2. The agent whose listing I was making an appointment to show on Friday. This agent was a very nice man with a big real estate company.  I was able to make my appointment to show his listing but then felt compelled to point out that the street name he put in the Multiple Listing Service for this property was misspelled.  “By the way, you have incorrectly spelled the name of the street; (Street Name) does not have an “h” in it.  Thought you would like to know”.  He responded, “Really?  It doesn’t? Huh.  Anyway, leave your business card when you are done showing the home”.  OK, I admit, maybe this is more “sloppy” than “lazy”, but it really bugged me, and I had to get it off my chest. 

3. The agent that sent me a client today. This is my personal favorite.  I was showing homes this morning to a woman who called me yesterday. One of the four homes I was showing was our listing; the others were not.  She told me that before she called me, she had called another agent to make an appointment to see his listing. He told her that he was all the way downtown and didn’t have time to show the home.  “But I am a buyer”, she said, to which he responded that she should go find herself an agent.  By the way, she didn’t like his listing nor did she care for the one on the street with an extra “h”.  I will give these agents feedback if they call, but I am not holding my breath. 

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