Lindberg, an asset ………to MY house value

bust_unknown.gifHere I am again………..the “citizen businessman” that intends to live in his house until he can no longer.  Not enough “fire” on this website….so here I will try again.

I have been reading and listening to the “eternal struggle” between “new airporters” and “old airporters”.   All we need is another “study”.  The Union said we have spent more on studies than I care to hear ($19MM so far and counting).

 I want to say that as a small business owner and frequent flyer, I really love my little airport.  I can get anywhere in the world that I want from there.  Who are they kidding?  During the last 17 years going in and out of it countless “frequent flyer miles” and working with my distributors from every corner of the world coming here to work with us…….. absolutely NO COMPLAINTS from me or for that matter any “businessman” that I know.  Who the devil are these survey people talking to anyway.  When they do call my business, they have “loaded” questions slanting toward the answer the developers want. 

 I think it is a heck of a selling feature to a “professional” traveler within 30 miles of Lindberg to have a “user friendly” airport.  Bigger isn’t better.  Ask Denver.  They are on their third failure……..and their airport of the future ate my bags once.

If we are to have a reasonable discussion on the airport (and I am a Scripps Ranch resident), we need to eliminate or at least give a secondary position to discussion from: (1) Point Loma residents that want to get rid of a noise which they purchased with their homes, (2) people who only fly for leisure once or twice a year and will end up buying the cheapest tickets available anyway even if they are through Cleveland, and most of all (4) those that stand to “profit” greatly from the redevelopment of the old airport and development of the new one.   The question is what BEST benefits San Diego and its residents without the “hockeystick” forcasting done to rationalize redevelopment.

The airport discussion is always veiled in “the good of future San Diego” but there always seems to be some other more personal agendas.  We need a serious and honest debate on the future of airport limitations. We cannot allow those with “personal agendas” or “short term profit motivations” to enter the discussion. They need to divulge their true affiliations (developer, Point Loma resident, airport builder, hotel chain planner, etc.)  prior to offering their “expert” opinions on “what is best for San Diego.  Financial advisors making any public statements on a stock or investment must disclose their “personal agendas”  now, why not “airport experts” creating the “sound bites”.

Personally, as a frequent flyer with enough miles in my lifetime to circumvent the globe several dozen times, I have never enjoyed a more convenient airport than Lindberg anywhere in the world.  I get home from places in the U.S., Europe or Asia and within 45-50 minutes, I am home with my bags in Scripps, 25 miles away. 

Close your eyes for a second and think about your last experience at LAX or New York or Atlanta or Miami or Chicago where that was your destination.  Now imagine those airports as what you get when you get home to San Diego.  I hate my experiences at those airports.  The walking distances or distances on moving walkways are terrible.  How about Chicago.  To get out of the airport and to a car you go at least a mile or two.  Baggage service is slow, crowded and rude.  Distances to “convenient” parking are horrible. 

Next ask yourself, would I take a one stop flight if the price was one third or one half less than a direct flight?  I know what your answer is if it is your money.  If your travel is for business, ask yourself the same question but frame it in the context of you owning the company and pocketing the difference in price.  The future of airlines is Southwest hopping not direct flights. Who makes money and who does not?

The Union talked about how few “direct” flights we have in San Diego, but do we really need them?  We can fly or dare I say, drive to LAX for as congested and rude an airport as any of us want.  Next time you plan a “long” flight (say an international), why not do what so many people from San Diego do.  Drive up to LAX at your leisure the evening before or after dinner and stay in any one of the great hotels that “give you” free parking for a week for staying one night in their rooms.  You get up the next morning at your leisure, step onto a shuttle and voila…………all the big airport you need or want with direct flights anywhere in the world.  The parking pays for the one night stay and there is NO rush or hassle.  There is even a guy to help you with your bags. Your car is in a hotel parking lot with cameras.

If and when I sell my house, I hope the prospective purchaser is a business person that flies a lot and comes from a city with a HUGE airport.  Lindberg is an asset.

Perhaps we will outgrow Lindberg by 2020.  It is a guess.  No one really knows the future NEED for business travel.  We will always be able to get out of Lindberg in one stop to any location.  If someone 15 years ago told you that you would be doing some (most?) of your shopping for Christmas on a computer you would have told them that they are crazy.  Business 14 or 15 years from now when energy is NOT likely to be “cheaper” than it is today will probably not involve more travel, but less. 

I love Lindberg.  Take your personal agenda and call it what it is.   

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