Listing feeds for your favorite San Diego Zip codes

I’ve been averaging about one post a week which makes me, in technical blogging terms, a lame-o. There may be a dearth of homes for sale, but there continues to be a boatload of buyer interest. Consequently, we have been working the day, night and swing shifts trying to keep up.

Also, I have been perfecting my bowling game.

BowlingA 257 is not bad for a girl with the inherent athletic prowess of a warthog, but I was knocking down a couple dozen pins more last week according to my Google Alerts. I can do better.

Despite all of the frenzy, some time during the past couple of weeks, I managed to slip in a new tab (“Listing Feed”) above. Brought to you by the great geeky minds at Diverse Solutions, you can now take a gander at the most recent 25 listings in your favorite community. From the feed page, you can alternatively sort all listings by price, lot size and other fun parameters. Of course, if you want new listings delivered to your mailbox, you can always set your search parameters here and sign up. We won’t spam you — I promise.

I’ll be back with a more topically post on the State of the Real Estate market shortly. In the meantime, talk amongst yourselves and search for some homes.

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