Love Spam? Join Your Board of Realtors!

Kristn.jpgbunnies.jpgReal estate spam is multiplying like… well, you know. Realty Times reports that real estate spam is gaining some serious ground in the battle for the “Most Hated Spam” title. It’s got my vote! Throughout the day, and by this I mean the 24-hour clock day, I am inundated with helpful bulletins from my fellow real estate agents alerting me to amazing opportunities. New Listing, Reduced, Seller Motivated, Free BMW With Full-Price Offer (this, just yesterday), Must-See Home! Cease and desist, already! My spam-o-meter is going bonkers, and I can’t send this stuff to the junk mail folder fast enough. I have access to the Multiple Listing Service just like you. If you “just listed”, I know it. If your home is right for my client, I will find it and show it, BMW or otherwise.

Who really thinks this is effective marketing? Somebody sold you a bill of goods, and if you think your clients expect this kind of “internet-savvy” approach to marketing, you simply aren’t giving your clients enough credit. Every Title Insurance rep in town has, at one time or another, graciously offered a “drip marketing” campaign for my listings – For free! Woo-hoo! Drip, my &*^%. This is a deluge, and everyone hates it, most of all the agents that you hope to do business with. If I really did want to improve my sex life or reduce my monthly mortgage payments, I would have a hard time finding those attractive offers, as the real estate ads seem to be propagating before my eyes in my mail folders.

Our Board of Realtors has made this assault possible through providing their member email list to any subscriber who asks. Thanks a million, as in “a million spams a day”. Our clients hate this stuff. What makes anyone think we would appreciate it? Call me crazy, but I loathe website sign-in requirements and auto-generated messages, and make it a point to elimate these whereever possible. Sure, some third-party features (the Search for Homes features, most typically), are built this way, and there is simply no way around it. They actually promote this as a terrific “contact management” or “lead generation” feature. But, you will never get a fact-filled “Newsletter” from me each month with canned tips on how to winterize your home, nor will you ever receive any unsolicited call-me-for-all-of-your-real-estate-needs messages. (If you do, let me know, and I will take the vendor out back and beat him mercilessly).

Agents – Drip email campaigns do NOT make you appear more technologically hip. They just make you annoying.

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