I-15 Corridor Market Trends – I've got mash-ups, and I'm not afraid to use them.


One of the best things about attending a conference on technology is that you look goofy if you aren’t schlepping a laptop. The only thing at a break-out session louder than Brian Brady is the din of keyboard clicking.

I had the pleasure of finally meeting (in person, that it) Mike Simonsen Tuesday night. Mike is the CEO and Founder of Altos Research. He is also the man who has been patiently working with me to de-glitch the market trend charts for San Diego, and I think we are there. I also spent some time with the very funny, very smart Kevin Boer from 3 Oceans Real Estate. These men were my collective memory peg to finally tackle the problem of market trend mash-ups for San Diego. (This is only a “problem” for me since, while I may swim among the geek-inclined, I am really quite challenged most of the time).

Kevin, in a comment on one of my far, far away posts, had promised to teach me to do the cool mash-ups he frequently posts on his site if I attended the Inman conference. Unfortunately, Kevin has been too busy dazzling the captivated throngs with his public speaking skills. (I feel like Elmer Fudd in his presence). So, I took advantage of the slower moments at one of the sessions to self-teach.

Drum roll…

Combining data from Altos Research with the nifty ZeeMaps from Zee Source, the first chart gives you access to the 90-day rolling averages for median home prices in six I-15 Corridor zip codes in San Diego, including our beloved Scripps Ranch. The coolest thing about the Altos Charts, accessed by clicking on any of the markers, is that they are dynamic. Long after this post has been buried, the data will still be updated and current.

The next chart shows average market time trends for the same six communities.

Thanks, Kevin (and Mike), for the inspiration, if not the private instruction I was promised. You owe me.

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