Market Update Time (Oh boy!)

I kind of like the new logo for our periodic market updates. We aren’t fighting crime, mind you. In fact I probably should have gone with more of a Dragnet theme (“Just the facts”), and the “man” part is a little misleading until I can shame Steve into making a cameo blog appearance, but I think it is snappy nonetheless.

We are running a little late due to the Labor Day weekend, but our housing sale statistics on the website are now up to date. We track six zip codes and the San Diego region as a whole, but I always pay special attention to Scripps Ranch (duh) where we have seen a dismal eighteen sales record since August 1st.

This is the kind of news that makes hyper-local agents shutter, given that there are enough licensed agents living and working in Scripps Ranch to fill the cheap seats at Qualcomm Stadium, which is why I eyed this morning’s news that City leaders are at least entertaining the idea of selling naming rights to our new City Hall as a potential opportunity. I suggested the “Kris & Steve Berg City of San Diego,” while Steve thought “City of San Diego Castles” dovetailed nicely with our brand. We are still brainstorming. Either way, I find the keyword potential very exciting.

And speaking of stats (which I sort of was at the beginning), here are a couple of year in review charts for Scripps Ranch and for our coastal cousin, Carmel Valley. This data is for detached homes and, as always, compliments of Altos Research.

And, so, we continue to chug along the bottom. As soon as the hoards of buyers I see floating around out there can start getting financing again, we just may start to turn the corner.

What fun that was for a Thursday!

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