Minnesota Nice

Stevetn.jpgWe spend a lot of time on this Blog promoting, critiquing and analyzing the various aspects of real estate and life in San Diego, through thick and thin. After all, what’s not to like? Average annual temperature of 72 degrees, beautiful beaches, mountains and deserts within short driving distance. But for a moment, I must digress.

We have now heard of the failure of the I-35W bridge last night in  Minneapolis and how it now lies mostly in the Mississippi River. It’s one of those once in two decade occurrences, but so tragic nonetheless. I listened with interest to Brian Williams’ news report tonight on NBC and was affected as I’m certain many other viewers were. But I was particularly moved when Brian interviewed the Minneapolis assistant fire chief who, while on his way home from work, off the clock, heard of the bridge collapse and went back to work, all night and today. When asked how the community was responding, the assistant fire chief (sorry I didn’t catch his name) simply looked at Brian and said (to paraphrase), “You know around here it’s called “Minnesota Nice”, meaning that the locals were coming out of the woodwork to offer assistance to the first responders. He couldn’t go on as he was emotionally overwhelmed. Interview over.

I grew up near the convergence of the Mississippi and the Missouri Rivers in St. Louis. I remember well how the Midwest throws a lot of challenges at the local inhabitants that we SoCal people can’t even imagine. Extreme heat and humidity all summer along with those seemingly never-ending swarms of mosquitos, blizzards and sub-freezing temperatures in the winter, tornadoes and thunderstorms that can totally freak out anyone who’s not a local (and sometimes, even the locals). Believe me, they are a tough breed there.

But what I remember most about my formative years in the Midwest was how nice and truly down-home the people are. Neighbors generally have a sincere caring for each other and when the chips are down, I’m not sure there is a better support group anywhere.

So tonight, I digress from the all of the wonders of San Diego that I so much appreciate and  salute those fine people I grew up with. My heart  and sympathy goes out to all of those personally affected by this tragedy. Life will be difficult for a while, but Minnesota Nice will ultimately prevail.      

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