Miramar Lake Path to Reopen



Somebody send that man a fruit basket. This from the San Diego Union this morning:

The path across Miramar Dam will reopen to the public once again this summer after years of being closed as a security precaution, Councilmember Brian Maienschein said yesterday. Maienschein said the goal is to open the path across the dam by July 1.

For local residents who enjoy this five-mile recreational amenity, it’s a great day to be an American! Our daughter wrote about the absurdity of the closure here, a barrier at the four-mile mark which has been in place since the 9/11 attacks and presumably for security purposes.

To outsiders looking in, this has been much ado about nothing. To area residents, the fence has been a major irritant. And, for Steve and I, the reopening is a double-edged sword.

Since the closure of the loop in 2001, joggers, walkers, bikers, and rollerbladers starting their trek at the lake entrance have had to, at some point, abort and reverse course. Where the five mile once-around was quite manageable for most, only the die-hards have had the right stuff to make the eight mile round trip to the fence and back. Steve and I, on the other hand, have been coming in from the other direction.

Those in the know are familiar with the nifty little dirt path which leads from Scripps Ranch Boulevard (between Miro/Ravel and Overlook Park) directly down to the four-mile fence. Entering at this point, you find yourself running backwards (okay, counterflow), and it has become the Quiet Side of the lake. We have gotten to know the regulars, if not by name, then by moniker. There are the Speed Walkers (they leave me in the dust), Blue Helmet Guy, Funny Hat Lady, Lady Who is Hates Our Dog, etc. And, some mornings, we find ourselves completely alone on our Quiet Side, save the bunnies, hawks, ducks and the occasional snake.

It was after 30-some years of leading a blissfully sedentary lifestyle that Steve finally convinced me to start running. I resisted, questioning the fun-potential of any activity that required movement (in my case, very little) and resulted in sweat (not my best look). He remains more consistent and devoted to the “sport” than I, but I have had to reluctantly admit that the physical and mental benefits are many. In the interest of full disclosure, let me say that I am not what one would consider a Serious Runner. Each time I take that first step off the driveway apron armed with an IPod full of questionable song selections (Yo, I’ll Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want), my singular goal is to accomplish some forward motion without getting flattened by the double stroller which is gaining on me. And, we don’t run together. To achieve the forward motion state requires that I devote all of my energy toward the inhale-exhale process. Talking is absolutely out of the question.

Our quiet little side of the lake is about to become Grand Central Station again, but that’s fine with us. Thanks, Brian. You rock!

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