MLS Photo Day Checklist: 1. Get dressed

Hat tip to @ARDELLd via Curbed for this MLS photo that leaves me speechless.

Really? Someone thought this was a good idea? You can see all of the photos on Trulia, and I must say that each is more fun than the next — like this one. If this photo doesn’t scream “Buy me!” I’m not sure what does.

Things are not better in own Sandicor MLS.

Now, I’m no expert (which is precisely why I hire a professional photographer, just after I schedule a professional stager), but if circumstances dictated that I take the DIY route, I am fairly certain I would remember to close the lid, move the trash can, and relocate, at least temporarily, Buff Billy and his sad little dog.

Good grief, folks. This isn’t neurosurgery. It’s what you are paid to do. Is this the best you have to offer?

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